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  • KidStage presents Trolls

    What is KidStage? KidStage is a theatre and acting class for kids! The curriculum includes concentration, teamwork, improvisation, movement, voice and basic theatre terminology. At the end of the class, KidStage kids will perform for peers and parents. All classes are taught by trained instructors, whose goal it is to teach your child about the excitement of theatre, improve your child’s self-confidence, and to provide a safe, fun and interesting environment. KidStage will strengthen your child’s confidence as well as build teamwork, leadership, reading, and vocabulary skills!Join us this semester for Trolls!Trolls are the happiest creatures on earth. They love to dance and sing and hug. The Bergens, on the other hand, are the most miserable creatures imaginable. They are incapable of creating their own happiness. One day, the Bergen invades the Troll Village and capture a handful of Trolls in hopes of taking their happiness. Princess Poppy and the overly-cautious Branch set off on a journey to rescue their friends. Their mission is to tolerate each other long enough to get the job done. Take part in this epic adventure on a quest to find true happiness and friendship.