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  • B.O.L.T.S. (Building Our Leaders Through Science)

    B.O.L.T.S.(Building Our Leaders Through Science) is an innovative STEM based leadership program where students will become great leaders and participate in science and engineering experiments that focus on team work, problem solving, communication and community involvement. B.O.L.T.S. brings real-life applications into the classroom and encourages students to pursue their interests and to become lifelong learners in the 21st century. 
  • KMS SmartLab STEAM Club

    KMS SmartLab STEAM Club – Discover. Explore. Own Your Learning.Want to build a robot, design a home, race a solar car, experiment with lasers, design your own electric or pneumatic circuits, construct a working crane, code a video game or write and produce your own hit song or movie? There’s so much to explore in the SmartLab. The KMS SmartLab provides the technology, classroom design, construction kits and curriculum to challenge students to go beyond their own learning boundaries. Teams of learners apply a wide range of technologies to project work that results in an ever-changing mix of ideas and inspiration.