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Math 6

Instructional time focuses on introductory topics for 6th grade math. The areas will include: (1) develop understanding of ratio and rate and use multiplicative reasoning to solve ratio and rate problems; (2) Develop competency of division of whole numbers and fractions and extend the notion of number to the system of rational numbers; and (3) developing understanding of expressions, equations and inequalities. This is a blended course model, using Carnegie Mathia software.

Success in this class will give your child the opportunity to place at a higher level. Advanced placement is not guaranteed upon completion of one or both modules of Math 6 in Kyrene Summer Academy. Students would have to take a mid-term and final assessment last year to show proficiency in order to advance.

2 Options for students participating in the class:

1.Preview the 6th grade math class.

2.Potential acceleration into advanced math course

Discuss with your child’s current mathematics teacher to verify that this is an accurate fit for your student.   

Math 6- Online Closed

  Emily Sutherland

Virtual Room
Mon-Thu, Jun 1 - Jun 25
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Grades   6th

Price: $ 170 00

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